Ipswich Town: Paul Cook on 1-0 Lincoln victory


Ipswich Town manager Paul Cook wants his squad to start now after scoring a 1-0 victory at Lincoln City this afternoon.

The Blues were rightly leading 1-0 at the break, thanks to a powerful header from Macauley Bonne, but were then on the back foot for most of the second period.

Cook’s men had seven minutes of stoppage time to secure their first win of the season in the ninth attempt in all competitions and climb to 19th place in the League One table.

The final whistle elicited a roar of relief from the 1,710 fans outside Sincil Bank, as GM Mark Ashton went to whip them further with a flurry of passionate punches and high fives.

“If a match could have taken a role model for us, I don’t think it could have taken a better role model,” Cook said.

“To get a clean sheet and an away win, in a place where most people probably thought we would be beaten today, I’m thrilled.

Ipswich Towns CEO Mark Ashton celebrates with fans.
– Credit: Steve Waller – www.stephenwaller

“We conceded five goals last weekend (at home against Bolton), we could have conceded seven, and we looked soft. But we haven’t played anything like it today, that’s for sure.

“It shows you what groundwork, match analysis, repetition and belief can do.

“Our guys worked on distances, strength, confidence in your teammates. Today, they knew where the other would be and supported each other 100%.

“If we can build this solid platform, everyone knows we have goals on the team. We have goals in this team 100%. Do we have clean sheets? Well we have one today on one of the toughest terrains in the division. It’s a small platform to move forward.

“Michael Appleton is a very good coach. He set them up for them to test you. We have stood the test all day today. I’m so proud of the players and I’m really happy for the supporters.

Cameron Burgess is on the rise.

Cameron Burgess is on the rise.
– Credit: Steve Waller – www.stephenwaller

“We just want to please these supporters. Now we have to make sure we follow that next week against Sheffield on Wednesday (at home).

“We have this elusive victory now that will give us a platform to continue. We only played seven league games. Seven! And we have 39 left. If we can play longer like we did in the first half, the reality is we will be fine. “

Cook added: “It has been a difficult few weeks with the passing of my father. I don’t want to get into all of this. I’m just very happy now to be going to see my family. I have not returned to see them since my father died.

“I’m just happy for everyone. You see Mark Ashton and Michael O’Leary at the end of the game, all of our staff. It means so much to all of us. “

The Blues boss continued, “The new word in football is ‘transition’. We were desperate. Today we did not get involved in the transition. Today we have built ourselves on a solid foundation. In the future, we want to be more extended than we were today, but sometimes solidity can take you home and it is today.

“Christian (Walton) was injured yesterday. He went on his adductor, which is just us up to the minute. Hayden Coulson leaves, which is also just us.

City players celebrate with Macauley Bonne after his first-half goal.

City players celebrate with Macauley Bonne after his first-half goal.
– Credit: Steve Waller – www.stephenwaller

“But you keep going anyway. You can’t show signs of weakness in this game.

“Vas (Hladky) came in today after a rough start and he was magnificent.

“If you watch Rekeem Harper come in and play higher up the pitch (as No.10), we probably played him in the wrong position for a few games, right? These are things that we learn as a team.

“Scotty Fraser made an incredible change on this side (left), Wes Burns (right) as well.

“Obviously when Cameron Burgess had to move to left-back (Luke Woolfenden replacing injured Coulson) we had a problem on that side of the pitch because Cameron isn’t going to join the attack, he’s going to stay out. home, which will invite pressure.

“I probably took Bersant (Celina) maybe 10 minutes before, I would have liked, but we had to close that gap on that side.

“We should, away from home, withdraw three of our first four to keep the fight high. This is how we want to be as a team.

“If you look at our substitutes at the minute, it’s always full-backs and other players.”

About Janoi Donacien, who silenced Lincoln’s dangerous man Anthony Scully, Cook said: “He was amazing today. He had a job to do today and he did it with aplomb. He’s a fantastic professional, a big boy. The harmony in the walk-in closet was first class, although a bit quiet and new. I just left this completely bouncy lodge. It’s great to see.

“I’m a loyal manager, I don’t like to leave people out, but right now we’re tweaking to see who fits the best niches.

“We looked at all of our players in the first 5/6 games and went ‘uh’, ‘uh’, ‘uh’. Today you are going to write positive reviews about them. People will talk well about the team, their work ethic and their quality. Now we want more. ”

Imps boss Michael Appleton claiming Bonne had pushed TJ Eyoma by scoring his head, Cook said: “Tell Michael I’ve been miserable for six weeks! Macauley Bonne is just an exceptional forward, isn’t he? Being an Ipswich boy and producing what he is means he always deserves a special mention.

“More please Macauley.” More of that to please everyone at the Pooh. Let’s continue to send our happy supporters away as we did today.

“Winning 1-0 was great. I would have liked 2-0 if I’m being honest with you, just to calm my nerves!

“Football is tough, isn’t it? In my managerial career I’ve had a lot more highs than lows. These days have probably been the most consistent lows I’ve had in my time. . I have no credit at this club with supporters. In Wigan, when we had bad races, I had credits. With our fans today, I think we took a small step in seeing what are Paul Cook’s teams.

“We had desire in us today. We desperately wanted to win. We have to show it every week.”

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