In fact, maybe Netflix and NBC will bring Manifest back


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Like a lost family member at Thanksgiving dinner who decides they might be able to make room for another slice of pie, Netflix leaned into the kitchen to say, “You know what? Maybe I could use some other help from NBC Manifesto. “The vaguely Christian theme Lost-y drama series was canceled by NBC last month pretty much immediately after becoming one of the biggest binge-watch shows on Netflix, with ratings apparently not being good enough for NBC to be willing to do another season of a show that people only watched on Netflix. It seemed like the perfect scenario for Netflix to go ahead and save the series, as it has done several times before, but even Netflix looked up on Manifesto-despite the fact that, once again, it was and is very popular On the platform.

But hey, don’t let anyone tell you that social media hashtag campaigns don’t work, because it looks like the folks at #SaveManifest actually saved Manifest. According to Deadline, NBC and Netflix are reportedly in talks with Warner Bros. TV (who produces / produces Manifesto) on the series’ resurrection for a fourth season. As Deadline points out, however, that two things have happened since Manifesto cancellation: Netflix declined to help support another NBC season Good girls, and NBC has given up on making a Law and order defense lawyers spin-off. Suddenly one of the most popular shows on Netflix looks a lot sweeter … kind of like that second piece of pie. You see, it all comes down to that Thanksgiving metaphor.

Series creator Jeff Rake tweeted about the show’s potential to return today, choosing not to comment beyond saying that “If the impossible happens and the dead are resurrected, it is because of YOU.” As we said, vaguely Christian.

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