I’m a cooking expert – my secret tip makes fried eggs so much better

THE key to making tasty fried eggs is to add just one more ingredient.

Cooking expert Lauren Bower shared a video revealing the secret ingredient she uses to level her eggs – and surprisingly, it’s Parmesan cheese!


Butter your pan to prevent the eggs from sticking1 credit
Sprinkle a layer of parmesan cheese over the pan to add more flavor to the eggs


Sprinkle a layer of parmesan cheese over the pan to add more flavor to the eggs1 credit

In her video, she started the process by heating her pan on the stove and spraying it with oil to prevent food from sticking to the surface.

Adding her secret ingredient, she sprinkled a layer of parmesan cheese over the greased pan.

“It creates so much flavor and a bit of crunch,” Bower said.

“You will love it.”

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She then added her eggs over the parmesan and covered the pan.

Once covered, she said to turn off the heat of the stove and let the residual heat run to finish cooking the eggs.

“Once you have that brown rim, it’s over,” she said.

Many users loved her secret ingredient trick, saying, “Yum!

“I’m trying this in the morning!” Also add spinach! »

Another said: “I’ve always called these ‘eggs on cheese’.”

Adding their own twist, one viewer said to “add chopped fresh garlic and onion too”.

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For eggs that are too easy, one viewer suggested “adding a little water for the last two minutes, this will poach/steam the yolks like it’s too easy”.

“Good idea!” says another foodie.

Add your eggs to the parmesan


Add your eggs to the parmesan1 credit
Cover and cook the eggs


Cover and cook the eggs1 credit

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