“I practiced the day before”

Martha Stewart has been a household goddess for a long time, but in recent years she’s turned to queen of thirst.

The 81-year-old posted sultry photos designed to grab attention – the very definition of a ‘thirst trap’ – on Instagram, and let’s just say the attention was grabbed! (She even created a video on how to create thirst traps.)

And as “The Drew Barrymore Show” wrote on Oct. 25, Stewart completely owns her trappings.

“.@Martha Stewart is the absolute QUEEN of thirst traps”, the show tweeted to accompany a clip of Stewart with Barrymore on the program.

In the video, Barrymore specifically references Stewart’s September Instagram ad for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, in which she talked about coffee while wearing nothing but an apron.

“It keeps the interest going,” Stewart says in Barrymore’s video of her thirst traps, never stopping cooking.

But Barrymore wasn’t done — she wondered how Stewart could be so cool and confident to put herself forward like she did with the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters commercial. And Martha Stewart gave the most Martha Stewart response we could imagine: “I practiced the night before to see if I looked good, and I looked good!”

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