Hundreds of people invaded Kmart at midnight last night


Happy Freedom Day: Hundreds of people invaded a Kmart at exactly 12:01 am last night, which is a big commitment for some discount cushions.

A few minutes before the start of Freedom Day at midnight last night, the inhabitants of Mount Druitt gathered in front of Kmart in lines that went up to 50 meters outside the store.

“Guys our lockdown ends in six minutes and I just got to Kmart because they open at midnight,” TikToker said. Dibzbaby.

“You should see how many people are here – it’s crazy.”


Kmart line ???? #dibzarmy #fyp #fyp ã‚·

original sound – DibzBaby Official

Once inside, the footage showed pure, brutal chaos. People are running around the store with their besties in their hands. Crowds of people rushing like ants to an overturned jar of honey. Stupidly long queues of packed carts to shame on Christmas Eve.

I don’t know what you might desperately need from Kmart at midnight that you can’t get by clicking and collecting but go I guess.


Reply to @bella_rose_west #greenscreenvideo Kmart Mt Druitt out of containment ???? #dibzarmy #fyp #fyp ã‚·

original sound – DibzBaby Official

In a press release sent to PEDESTRIAN.TV, a Kmart spokesperson said: “We have implemented a number of security precautions including reduced store capacities to keep customers and team safe (you can see them outlined below ).

“We are fortunate to operate large format stores like supermarkets that can accommodate a number of people shopping safely and I can confirm that none of our stores exceeded those capacities this morning.

“We know there are a lot of enthusiastic customers shopping this morning and in some stores we have lines of people waiting for registers or to enter – we often see this shortly after opening and we will continue to work with our customers and continue to adhere to our security practices and government requirements.

“We have worked with authorities and our teams to ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience in a safe and friendly shopping environment. “

In Paddington, others flocked to the prestigious Alan Buki hair salon for a midnight haircut.

In footage shared by the SBS News caddy Massilia Ali, a couple approach the door and are filmed by reporters like local celebrities before being greeted by Buki.

“Welcome Welcome!” he said.

The people of Canterbury also waited outside their local RSL club for a pint. According to, they would have been greeted with a glass of champagne.

At the rate of this Nicki Minaj Its TikTok: are you happy to be in Paris out of confinement? Yes.

Okay, but if I don’t see the cameras and paparazzi on my trip to the movies and JB Hi-Fi tonight, I’ll be crazy. Confidence.

Now that 70% of the population 16 and over in NSW is fully vaccinated, we’ve been rewarded with a slew of new freedoms. Namely, we can have up to 10 visitors in our house (!), Sit in a pub or cafe for a meal (!!), go to the movies (!!!) and, apparently, stand in line in retail like a horny Christmas elves (????).

However, while it may sound like Freedom Day, retail and hospitality workers say they are concerned about these first weeks of shutdown.

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