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Are you the type who wants to spend as little time as possible cooking? Looking forward to healthy and tasty meals, but don’t really like all the time and energy that goes into it? What if there were some tips that could help you save time in the kitchen, by making the process smoother and more enjoyable? If you’re ready to embrace change and save time in the kitchen, these tips are sure to help.

Get in the habit of planning your meals

How many times have you stood in the kitchen wondering what to cook? Maybe you open the refrigerator or closet doors, looking inside and hoping something inspires you. Just coming up with a meal idea can be a huge waste of time, which is why meal planning is such an effective tip. There are meal planning options for everyonewhether you have dietary restrictions, specific likes or dislikes, or just want to stick to quick meals.

Planning your meals also means that you will be able to fill your refrigerator and cupboards accordingly. Most experts recommend planning a week or more. You can even jot down meals on a calendar if that makes it easier for you.

That leads directly to the next tip, which is to use a grocery list when shopping. If you walk the aisles randomly picking up items that catch your eye, you’ll come home and realize that they don’t necessarily work together. A whole lot of “stuff” doesn’t magically create the perfect meal.

There are many list apps that you can download to your mobile phone to make it easier to create, organize, use, and share a shopping list. It’s just a matter of making it a habit.

Do enough for the leftovers

To speed up cooking, eliminate the need to do it every day. Rather than making a fresh dinner each night, get into the habit of making larger portions so you can use them as leftovers or even reuse them in a different meal the next night.

Adopt kitchen gadgets that make your life easier

Today there is a huge range of kitchen gadgets and appliances, all designed to make your meal preparation and cooking life easier. But which ones make the difference? What are the essential items? There are a few that are worth considering, as they can definitely save you time and hassle in the kitchen.

Notable kitchen gadgets and appliances worth considering include:

You are unlikely to need all of these, but some of these will definitely appeal to you, your cooking style, and the type of meal you like to eat.

Fill your kitchen with quality cleaning products

Finally, there is the cleaning. It is usually everyone’s least favorite task. Ideally, you want to clean up as you go so that by the time you finish cooking, the mess is minimal. You should also expect other people in the house to help with the cleaning so that it is not all on you. Other than that, you need to have essential cleaning products that work well and get the job done quickly. This includes paper towels, microfiber cleaning cloths and a surface cleaner / disinfectant.

Take back your time

These simple tips are relatively easy to incorporate into your daily life, and they can have a huge impact on the time you spend cooking. It’s time to take back your time in the kitchen and give yourself more time to relax.


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