Gordon Ramsay roasted for sharing photo of ‘scorched’ lamb chops ‘cooked on ashtray’

Foodies were keen to share their thoughts when chef Gordon Ramsay posted a video of cooked pork chops at his restaurant, with some saying the meal looked burnt and asking who would eat it.

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Gordon Ramsay line roast on a lamb chop

Many would be afraid to ask fiery celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, but that hasn’t stopped Twitter users from roasting him in a photo of lamb chops he shared.

One social media user even compared the meat to a skinless raccoon ‘burnt in a house fire’, while another told the Brit: ‘You just incinerated my favorite food of all! ”

The TV personality, 55, posted a video of steaming lamb chops being prepared at his Lucky Cat restaurant in Mayfair, London, with the caption: “Herdwick lamb chops at Lucky Cat…delicious! “

Many foodies were quick to offer their own take on the meal, saying it looked burnt.

Gordon Ramsay posted a video of steamed pork chops on Twitter, much to the derision of many



Gordon Ramsay’s Lucky Cat restaurant opened in Mayfair in 2019


Getty Images for Bon Appetit’s Vegas Uncork’d)

One person said it looked like the dish had been “cooked on an ashtray”, while another asked, “Who put the lamb bones in the ashtray?”

Others said, “Why does meat always have to be raw as shit or seared until crispy?” and “Is anyone seriously going to eat this burnt offering”.

Commenting on Gordon’s post on Tuesday, one Twitter user said: ‘Are these edible or is this some kind of charcoal’, while others commented: ‘These look burnt’ and “look more burnt than coal”.

Gordon Ramsay is known for presenting shows in America such as Hell’s Kitchen


FOX Image Collection via Getty Images)

Some fans were more complementary, however, with one person saying, “Sounds good to me, I could go now.”

Others said the meal looked “delicious”, while another simply posted, “Looks good”.

Gordon has previously given savage comments to people who tweeted photos of their meals to him, with some possibly taking revenge by mocking his lamb.

Lucky Cut’s menu offers spicy Herdwick lamb chops with chilli sauce and cream of tofu for £25.

Sichuan Chilli Beef Sirloin is £38, while the 1kg Rare Breed T-Bone is sold for £90.

The cumin-spiced BBQ pork ribs are lower in the price range, at £15.

Spicy Herdwick lamb chops are sold at Lucky Cut for £25



The restaurant opened in 2019 and is inspired by the kissas of 1930s Tokyo and the drinking places of Shanghai.

Last week, the father-of-five’s £7million mansion in south-west London had an extremely lucky escape as Storm Eunice swept through his neighborhood.

The ferocious storm, with winds reaching over 75mph in the capital, uprooted a huge tree outside his palatial home.

The tree appeared to cause damage when it crashed into a brick wall outside one of its neighbour’s properties.

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The restaurateur is set to make his return to television this year with a new cooking show called Future Food Stars – which goes by the cheeky and very appropriate nickname of Gordon FFS.

The show is said to mimic The Apprentice and follow 12 food entrepreneurs battling it out for the F Word star’s investment.

The show hasn’t even started airing yet, but has already been greenlit for a second season on the BBC, while the show’s US broadcast rights have already been purchased by the Fox network in part of a “multi-million pound deal”.

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