Golden Girls Kitchen tickets go on sale – NBC Los Angeles

  • The Golden Girls Kitchen LA at 369 N. Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills
  • Opening July 30 (Golden Girls Day)
  • $39 to $79; those on the waitlist will be able to purchase on June 30, while general public tickets will be available on July 1

Make memorable projects with your friends? It takes a few talks, maybe a few lighthearted squabbles, warm makeups, lots of agreement, and lots of anticipation.

These are some of the things fans of “The Golden Girls” regularly see on the beloved television series, which aired on NBC from 1985 to 1992.

Rose, Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia often tangled, but in the end, they stuck to their strong relationships and the life they built in their plant-laden Miami bungalow.

It’s time for you to tangle with your best friends #1 if you want to visit the new hit sitcom-themed food pop-up.

When are you going? Will you get tickets to one of the drag brunches or will you meet for dessert? So many decisions, but you don’t get tangled up for too long: tickets are now on sale for those who have registered for The LA Golden Girls Kitchen waiting list.

These became available on June 30, while the general public can reserve their slots from July 1.

The themed experience, which focuses on sweets (certainly candy-eating girls would approve), debuts in Beverly Hills on July 30. A slice of cheesecake, along with your Golden Main (included in your ticket), is one of the standouts of the event.

Royce Burke, the executive chef, has cooked specialty foods at places like Dino’s Famous Chicken, so count on a number of creative offerings inspired by the show.

Ticket prices?

There is a range, depending on whether you visit the brave pop-up during peak hours or not.

So better cuddle up with your own golden crew, to see when you all want to pay a visit to the Miami-chic, oh-so-snappy social spot that will grace the Golden Triangle for a limited time.

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