Frontier: A Foodie’s Guide to Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the most historically significant cities in the country, making it an ideal destination for anyone looking to connect with a truly unique city. From the historic landmarks that shaped our country to some of the best sports teams in the country, Philadelphia has something for everyone. However, the foodies among you might be the happiest in this culinary paradise.

Philadelphia’s particularly thriving food scene includes staples like the infamous Philly Cheesesteak, and we’ve found some of the best spots for you to check out when you visit!


Nothing is more synonymous with Philadelphia than cheesesteak, and what better place to try one for yourself than where it all began. Since 1930, Pat’s has been serving Philadelphia’s quintessential combination of meat, melty cheese and crusty bread to Philadelphia customers 24/7.

At Bud and Marilyn’s

Want a sweet treat? Nothing beats Bud and Marilyn’s massive funfetti cake. Not feeling too sweet? Try one of their mouth-watering brunch options – like fried chicken – to fill you up!

The old bar

This old-school oyster saloon combines classic Philadelphia history with sea air for the perfect combination: its infamous snapper soup. Order a bowl and lose yourself in the culture of the historic bookbinder building. The restaurant may be new, but everything else is classic Philly.

Pierogi kitchen

This restaurant serves the popular Eastern European dish called pierogis, a delicious dumpling with a delicious filling. Every day these guys bake a wide range of pierogis from a sweet cheesecake filling to a cheesy filling, and all at a reasonable price! So get a taste of Europe while exploring Philadelphia and check out The Pierogi Kitchen!

Angelo’s Pizzeria

Don’t be square, but try Angelo’s famous square pizza. Made with a garlic crust, this is THE best pizza stop in town. Philadelphia may not be a city known for its pizza, but after trying the square pie, you might see the city a little differently.

double knot

A cozy cafe upstairs and secret seafood and other delicious treats downstairs, Double Knot is a unique restaurant that is truly unlike anything you have experienced before. In the morning you can enjoy treats in the cafe and on the way down you will find a dimly lit dining room serving delicious small plates. We suggest stopping by during happy hour for four-dollar rolls, sides, and more!

No matter which location you choose, there are endless options for great food in Philadelphia! These are a few of our favorites, but we’d love to hear if you find any other mouth-watering options on your trip to Philadelphia! Let us know using the #herewithfrontier hashtag on social media!

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