‘Flux Gourmet’ Trailer Prepares the ASMR Art of Food [Video]

Berber sound studio and Fabricit is Peter Strickland is a filmmaker who enjoys plunging his audience into decadence. With Gourmet Feedhe concocted ASMR art from food in a new drama thriller from IFC Midnight.

In the movie…

“A sound collective that can’t decide on a name settles in residence in an institute dedicated to culinary and food performance. Members Elle di Elle, Billy Rubin and Lamina Propria are caught up in their own power struggles, only their dysfunctional dynamics are further exacerbated when they have to answer to the head of the institute, Jan Stevens. With the various rivalries unfolding, Stones, the Institute’s “dossier” must privately endure mounting stomach issues while documenting the activities of the collective.

“After hearing about Stones’ visits to gastroenterologist Dr. Glock, Elle coerces him into his performances in a desperate bid for authenticity. The reluctant Stones go along with the collective’s plans to use his condition for their art while that Jan Stevens goes to war with Elle over creative differences.

Featuring Asa Butterfield (Netflix forthcoming CURS>R) and Gwendoline Christie (“Game of Thrones”, “Sandman”, “Wednesday”), Gourmet Feed will have its world premiere at the upcoming Berlin Film Festival.

Here is a sizzling trailer…

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