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Narrative cooking game Epic chef Launch on consoles this year

Barcelona studio Infinigon Games and publisher Team 17 have announced that their cooking game Epic chef releases November 11 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The game is set in the culinary fighting capital of Concordia and follows the adventures of a chef who seeks to be the best in his kingdom.

When players need a break from the kitchen, they can take spa trips or go fishing and meet the locals.

Space exploration role-playing game gets playable demo on PC

From Los Angeles-based game studio Multiverse, Earth from another sun is a space exploration RPG where players build an army capable of conquering entire star systems and forming alliances with other intergalactic leaders.

The game will be released as a playable demo for PC on October 1 during Steam Next Fest, followed by a console release in 2023.

Brazilian studio releases trailer and demo for 3D Platformer

PetitFabrik released a trailer for the 3D platformer on Wednesday Kukoos – Lost Animals, which features a bright and colorful aesthetic, multiple environments, and distinct pets, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

The game will be released this fall on PC and consoles.

Under your eyes Launch on Mac

Los Angeles-based developer Goodbyeworld Games and publisher Skybound Games revealed this week that its narrative game Under your eyes, which launched on PC in April, arrived on Mac via Steam and the Epic Games Store on September 28.

The game features a ferryman responsible for transporting the deceased to the afterlife. Players use the real world blink to move the story forward.

Flynn’s Arcade Point-and-Click Adventure Game

Developer Sonomio Games, based in Spain, and publisher Flynn’s Arcade (What comes after) are about to come out Lone mclonegan on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Players embark on a journey to become the West’s most wanted outlaw. There is currently a demo on Steam.

Fighting game Die by the blade Coming to consoles in 2022

UK publisher Kwalee and Slovak publisher Grindstone, as well as Slovak developer Triple Hill Interactive offer one-shot fighter Die by the blade on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series S / X and Nintendo Switch in 2022.

The game is inspired by games such as Dark souls and incorporates strategic gameplay and a roster of seven playable characters.

Construction and simulation game The architect: Paris Launch on PC

The French studio Enodo Games has launched The architect: Paris on Steam via PC, Epic Games Store and GOG.

In the simulation game, players can build and customize the city with any reimagining they want, whether it is a medieval or a futuristic city.

Enodo Games was founded by two architects in 2014, having previously developed interactive 3D environments using video game technology for 15 years in their company, Enodo.


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