Eat your greens and use your broccoli stalks! Rachel Allen shares three verdant vegetarian recipes



It’s great to be told to eat your greens and stock up on veggies, but if they don’t taste delicious, it can be a good habit that begs to be ditched. Of course, getting the best quality vegetables is the first good move, and then how you prepare them is key if you want to maintain the beneficial routine.

he Sesame-Ginger Coleslaw Apple Salad, below, is bursting with delicious Asian flavors and crunchy, juicy textures, and makes a great, simple lunch or a side dish with roast or grilled meats. If you want to make this salad more substantial, add cooked shrimp, prawns, halloumi, or chicken slices – any of them will be a treat.

The Gujarati-style green bean recipe shown below is probably my favorite way to cook green beans. This is an adapted version of a recipe by the Supreme Food Writer Madhur Jaffrey made during one of his visits to Ballymaloe years ago. The recipe also works great with sliced ​​cabbage, carrots or zucchini; do not blanch them first in boiling water as they will be perfectly cooked with the spices in the pan.


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