Dothan Conner Cook’s Long Snapper signs to play football in Tulsa | High school

Cook, who also played linebacker at Dothan, only had two years of snapping experience but trained regularly with local special teams coach Brian Jackson and nationally recognized special teams coach. Jeff Garner. He also traveled to many camps to perfect his art.

It all started just days after the end of Dothan’s 2019 season under the guidance of head coach Smitty Grider.

“After my sophomore year was over, we were looking at the depth chart after this big senior class left and we thought there was no one to take long,” Cook recalls.

“I was like, ‘I bet I can do this.’ So I went over there and (after the) first shot, Coach Grider said to me, ‘You got hired.’

Since then, Cook has spent a lot of time and miles trying to improve his skills.

“I traveled throughout the eastern part of the country and all the way to Indiana and Ohio, going to camps, training and going to other colleges,” Cook said. “It showed me what it would take to do it.”

Interestingly, Tulsa’s interest came late after Cook posted to Facebook and Twitter on December 1 that he had received an offer from the Southwest Assembly of God University in Waxahachie, TX.

“It’s pretty funny,” Cook said. “A trainer’s wife (in Tulsa) saw my other offer I received a few weeks ago on Facebook. She said, ‘Hey honey, you’re not looking for a snapper.’ He said to me, “Damn yeah, that guy is good.” So we started talking and they watched my video and found out that I would be a good fit for them.

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