Don’t grill like a newbie at your next hatchback


Mark McMillian prepared for big plays as a defensive back for the Eagles from 1992-95 before later joining the Kansas City Chiefs for two years from 1997-98. Now he is smoke competition as “Grill’n McMillian” with its own line of kitchen products which should soon hit the market. He barbecues five days a week in Las Vegas.

McMillian fondly remembers family meals with his mother, Gloria; his grandparents, Albert and Clara Jones; and his uncle, Albert, Jr., nicknamed “T-Bone”. McMillian wants to inspire families to spend more time together through grilling. Kansas City is known for its barbecue. It’s a staple that has defined the region since the early 1900s. As someone who has spent time there, McMillian offers an interesting perspective on the savory delight.

How would you define Kansas City barbecue?

“Kansas City is more of a smoky, wood-scented barbecue.”

What is your favorite sauce?

“If your barbecue is really good, you don’t need sauce. I’m the type without sauce.”

No sauce? What makes a good dry rub?

“If you like sweet rubs, I use brown sugar. I like paprika, it gives it that red tone. I use onion powder. I use a little Himalayan salt and freshly ground black pepper. I add fresh red pepper flakes. If you don’t like red pepper flakes, you can use cayenne pepper depending on your heat level. “

What types of wood do you use?

“Mesquite gives it a good flavor. You can use pecan wood, that’s another good flavor, but I will say people like to use mesquite.”

Where are you with gas versus charcoal?

“I’m all wood. I’m really not a charcoal guy, unless I want to do something really quick. But if you’re going to smoke a barbecue and you’re serious about the barbecue, you go find out that the best restaurants use wood. “

Do you even play with gas grills?

“I have six barbecues and none of them are gas. “

Favorite type of meat to smoke on the grill?

“I’m from California, and if you know anyone from California, we love the tri-tip. I love smoking ribs. I love smoking brisket. I’ve been doing a lot of ribs lately. , smoking these for about seven to eight hours until they fall off the bone.

“I also started smoking prime rib. I prefer beef ribs to pork ribs. It takes time because you have to drop that fat, but if you cook it right, you wrap it in baking paper at the right time, it’s like butter. “

What are two rookie mistakes people can avoid?

1. “One of the rookie mistakes you might make is not checking the temperature of your meat because the last thing you want to do is take out a steak or your ribs and you think you’re done, then you them. open and it’s raw. “

2. “If you are going to use lighter fluid on the grill, remove the grill grates. Most people just spray lighter fluid through the grill grates onto the coals and then you eat that petrol.”

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