Dog’s reaction to neighbor’s cooking is hilarious to watch | Tendency

The video of the dog’s reaction to the neighbor’s cooking was posted on Instagram.

Dog videos that show off different pooch antics are often hilarious to watch. There is now one final addition to this list. This video shows a dog’s reaction when his neighbor cooks.

The video was originally posted on Reddit and later on Instagram. “Throw him a bone!!” reads the caption posted with the video on Insta with laughing emojis. We won’t divulge what the video shows, so check out the clip that might make you laugh.

The video was posted almost 14 hours ago. Since posting, the clip has racked up over 6,000 likes and the numbers are growing fast. The sharing also prompted people to post various reactions. Many also showed their reaction by laughing at the outbursts of emoticons.

“Throw him a piece,” wrote one Instagram user. “Give him one,” posted another. “I would have gone upstairs and given her a plate,” a third shared.

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