Desk releases their latest music video for “Super Dynamic Cooking Time!” as an ode to El Fuerte’s Street Fighter 4 shenanigans

While most people here probably recognize Desk for his unbeatable combo skills, his masterclass in musicality and video editing also cannot be underestimated.

To combine their great talents together, Desk has just released their latest music video after 3 months of work titled “Super Dynamic Cooking Time!” which serves as an ode to the shenanigans of El Fuerte from Street Fighter 4.

Much of the video is devoted to Fuerte’s infamous Habanero Dash loops which required using the light version of the special before immediately canceling the run with a light punch and then hitting the opponent with a jab heavy punches, all with essentially perfect entries.

The experience goes way beyond that, though, with custom camera shots, cool/clever montages of the luchador chef’s costumes, and even a surprise singer singing that it’s super dynamic cooking time.

“Early next week I’ll be posting a video I’ve been working on for about 3 months,” Desk wrote on YouTube before launching his work. “Before I got any footage, it took about a week of practice just to get the first combo. I’m super excited about it and it feels like the most perfect synthesis of all editing, music and design knowledge. execution I’ve picked up over the years of making videos. It’s also pretty dumb.”

Whether you love or hate the character, we highly recommend checking out Desk’s new fighting game art that only he can provide.

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