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If you’re not craving some prawn, okra, and a nice cold beer after reading “Splendour in the Salt Grass: A Celebration of Untold Stories in Cajun History,” then I don’t know what, dear.

Jim LaBove wrote and illustrated this book as part of what I call his Cotton’s Seafood series. With passion and detail, he recounts his experiences growing up Cajun and harvesting seafood from the waters of Sabine Pass.

The family’s background is evident in stories such as “Henry and the Louisiana Black Bear”.

Questions about hoodoo? All the little boats that sail our waters? The great barbecue crab debate? LaBove has stories. Look for all of LaBove’s books and some of his very natural works at cottons-fruits-de-la-mer.com.

You can wear his blue crab on a T-shirt. This will bring you a little joy of living.

“Exploring Cajun Country: A Tour of Historic Acadiana” – Are you venturing out of the great state of Texas to the sports paradise of Louisiana?

Consider reading about food, music and folk tales in a book written by an author I took on a grand tour of Port Arthur.

Cheré Dastugue Coen can speak to you of a gray gray, wrap you in romance and haunt your dreams. She’s a traveling writer, and in “Cajun Country: A Tour of Historic Acadiana,” she fills us in on places we may have just passed through.

Did you know that Gonzales is known as the world capital of Jambalaya?

Our close neighbor of Sulfur was once named “the richest 50 acres in the world.” In 1867 the ore was discovered there and five men died trying to bring it to the surface.

I love the image of a blooming magnolia with floral “fallout” caught in a lower petal like a bee in a cup of cream colored petals. An electric blue peacock from Jefferson Gardens’ Rip Van Winkle sits on the next page, alongside the moss-covered oak trees of Avery Island. Coen’s book can be found on Amazon.

If I were the Queen of Spain in 1770, I would offer church steeples left and right. St. Gabriel, Louisiana had one. On the next page, read the history of the Carville Leprosarium and the Acadian-style shotgun lodgings of Sorrento. A movie set is one more page at Houmas.

Mary Kay Charisma – They said Mary Kay “thinks like a woman.” She left with. Her pink empire has inspired thousands of women to be proud of their contributions to their homes and businesses. A new book tells every page a “wow” story about his extraordinary personality, from business acumen to sharing caring moments with his employees and their families, to taking drivers to dinner and a passion for burgers.

“Fixing Food: FDA Insider Busts Myths and Solutions” – Food labels, lemonade stands, saturated fats… Richard A. Williams, Ph.D., has produced a book that reads like an angry detective story.

The infighting that takes place behind closed government doors is enough to send your blood pressure higher than a can of high-sodium soup. It should be simple. Tell consumers what’s in the box of food you give to your family. Then make sure they understand what it all means.

“Say it now! Say it right!” – Spinach-in-your-teeth situations, how do you like my cooking/managing/child-rearing, and the dreaded “does my butt look fat” are competently covered in Mary J. Nestor’s book , “Say it now! Say it right!”

Short, digestible chapters will guide readers through job interviews, feuds with friends, and relationship bumps.

“How to handle difficult or tender conversations” is the subtitle.

Tip: Sometimes saying it right starts with saying you were wrong before. Lots of advice here and on the back, you can take notes on how you’ve handled things in the past, how you can do better, and the consequences of speaking up or not.

“The Art and Science of Drawing” – Author/artist Brent Eviston’s book offers tips for “learning to observe, analyze and draw any subject”.

Have you ever glanced at your teacup and felt the urge to draw it? That water bottle on the kitchen counter? Let’s draw it. Ready to do 100 circles? How about a bird?

You can do it, he said.

The Ever-Changing Line is my kind of project. Draw a line that continually changes in quality and character. Start anywhere and turn the line into dots, squiggles, explosions and spots. Change your pencil pressure and fill the page. Now you have inspiration for figurative drawing. Keep an open mind, he advises.

Wordless Calories – Do You Have Writer’s Block? Take a break. Listen to music. Exercise. Hey, that’s good advice for everyone. Then stay hungry and get feedback.

Why do all the food and diet exercises catch my eye in Steve Gamel’s book?

“Write as you wish: master your passion for writing” is succinct, as he advises writers.

What is your niche and who is your audience?

Remember to listen when people are talking. Don’t force readers to work too hard, get straight to the point and use fewer words. Get rid of those words “empty calories”. For example:

  • From “Anytime” to “Always”
  • From “In light of the fact that” to “Because”
  • From “having the ability to” to “being able to”
  • From “For” to “For”
  • From “Twice” to “Twice”

Do you share magic dust? – What is your magic dust and how do you start sprinkling it on others?

Charisma, resilience and character are bound to be among the best things. Mark Cuban’s opening story of positive on positive is a good example of this.

Author Mark J. Harris shares profiles of HIV-positive people he has met “Magic dust: what is it? Who has it? How did you get it?”

I say, let’s all be dusty in 2022.

“Engaged: Finding Love and Faithfulness Through the Seven Archetypes” – Cook for yourself and prepare dishes that you – not others – like to eat.

If you are not a good cook or do not like to cook, eat alone in restaurants. Request a table for one, put your phone away and dine to yourself. Enjoy and don’t rush. This is a tip for a 30 day mind and spirit detox.

This book covers recovering from injury and straightening up in the face of workaholics, introverts, narcissists, and more. Hey, we’re all something. But we should all love each other, write authors Carmen Harra and Alexandra Harra.

Darragh Doiron is a foodie from the Port Arthur area who craves calm and a good book. [email protected]

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