Dads launch video series to support local restaurants


To support local restaurants, Winston Walters and Jesse Klotz put their money where their mouths are – alongside some of the tastiest meals on offer in Flathead Valley.

The couple recently launched a YouTube channel where they visit local restaurants to review food and draw attention to establishments. In just a few weeks, “Dads of Daughters Doing Dinner” has racked up hundreds of views online.

“We are putting local money back into the community,” Klotz said.

The idea is to generate excitement about eating in independent restaurants rather than big franchises. So far, some of their tours have included the KM Bar, Moose’s Saloon, and Casa Mexico.

Walters and Klotz were inspired to start the video series when they saw the economic devastation of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We don’t want to see our favorite places shut down,” Walters said.

During their videos, they fill the “Boom Boot” with tips every time they say “boom” because of a tasty bite or a tasty drink. They also encourage other customers to contribute to the Boom Boot.

“We want to give recognition where it’s due,” Walters said.

The idea was born from the duo’s common culinary passions. Walters and Klotz met about a year ago during a cooking competition.

“We love food,” Walters said simply.

“We had chemistry, we had jokes,” Klotz added.

Klotz is Sales Director at Kalispell Toyota and Walters is Insurance Broker at HUB International.

They also bonded over their roles as fathers of daughters. Klotz has an 8-year-old daughter, Hayden, and a 10-year-old daughter, Harper. Walters has four-year-old twins Grace and Claire.

The fathers decided to launch their video series with the aim of spreading the spirit of their family meals in restaurants in their community.

“Food has to be fun,” Walters said. “Food brings the community together. This is where the connections happen.

Even though they felt like skilled food critics, Klotz and Walters faced a learning curve as they navigated the tech side of the business. Walters has worked in public relations, but neither he nor his partner brings onscreen experience to their YouTube channel.

” We are learning. Come grow with us, ”Klotz urged.

They said they didn’t have a specific end goal for their videos, but would like to reach a few thousand viewers.

They also plan to shoot a video at each of the 75 local restaurants between Polson and Libby, generating views and income along the way.

“Who knows where this is going? Klotz said.

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