Customer leaves $ 1,000 tip at Panama City Beach restaurant



A Panama City Beach restaurant said employees received one of the biggest tips they’ve ever received this week.

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – Waiters and cooks at a local restaurant were rewarded for their hard work with a tip of $ 1,000, according to a Facebook post.

Firefly, describes itself as “fine dining and casual dining” and is located on Richard Jackson Boulevard. Restaurant owner Dave Trépanier posted an article about tipping this week.

“Why do I like this job? First of all, I love my staff! Trépanier wrote. “Second, I like the fact that you never know what will happen overnight. This amazing guest wanted to make sure the men and women on the cooking line were taken care of!

The message also includes the receipt which shows that the meal and drinks cost $ 285.66 and the tip was $ 1,000.

The post added that the tip was a big boost for the employees.

“The summer has been long and difficult for the kitchen staff. It’s nice to know that some people like them! “

Trépanier told News 13 the tip was one of the biggest he had ever seen in the restaurant.

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