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You only have a few days left to enjoy Burger Week. I tried a few great burgers and hope to eat one more before the 10th annual event ends on Tuesday. I don’t know how some people taste so many burgers. They have to take a vacation. This year again, I went to my favorite Pony Corral on Nairn Avenue with my foodie friend Jim Willox to try their entry. I wasn’t sure I liked the Reuben Burger but it was really good and Jimmy loved it too. The other burger I tried was the Smokey Barrel at Carlo’s Cucina in Winnipeg Beach. It was also excellent and a lot of other people must be feeling the same because at the time of writing this because it is # 2 in all of Canada on congratulations to Carlo, his wife Marnie and their great team. As I told you here recently, Carlo’s is my new favorite place for fast food when I’m at the chalet.


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We have been in the new public health order for a week which requires restaurant diners to present proof of full vaccination. So far, everything has gone pretty well, according to Shaun Jeffrey of the Manitoba Restaurant Association. But he reminds people to be patient, it’s still new to everyone. And although photo ID is not part of the order, some restaurants ask for it. As you just read I went to a few restaurants last week to try their burgers and although it takes a few extra minutes when you arrive I think it is worth it.

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Burger King bans 120 artificial ingredients from its menus, including high fructose corn syrup and several food colors. The move was announced last year in an ad campaign showing an aging and moldy Whopper over time. BK’s chief marketing officer said the fast food chain hopes its “continued commitment to real food will not only provide customers with the food they crave, but also set a standard for the entire industry.” .


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You won’t see any ads for KFC Boneless Chicken Fillets anytime soon. In an interview, the president of KFC said the company will not aggressively promote the product due to supply issues. The tenders are more labor intensive to produce than the bone-in chicken which is much more available at the moment.


Alcohol-free wine is just as good for you. Researchers at Anglia Ruskin University found a 40% lower risk of coronary heart disease in people who drank up to 11 glasses of wine per week, whether alcohol-free or the real thing. This suggests that the benefits of wine are due to the grapes and not the alcohol itself. Good to hear, because I love to nibble on a handful of juicy green grapes.


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Scientists say that men who eat a more plant-based diet rich in fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes fart more and have larger stools than men on a standard Western diet. Researchers in Barcelona followed 18 healthy men and found that those who followed the plant-based Mediterranean diet farted seven times more per day and pooped twice as much, although the number of trips to the toilet was remains the same.


We found out this week what the McDonald’s Grimace character is meant to be. Turns out Ronald McDonald’s purple friend is a huge taste bud. The original story was revealed by the manager of a McDonald’s in Windsor, Ontario. Brian Bates says the character was created to show that food tastes good. The company has been quiet about Grimace’s story over the years, but Bates is right. In a 2014 tweet responding to a question about Grimace, McDonald’s says “he’s the epitome of a milkshake or a taste bud.” I remember Grimace as a villain early on. I always thought he was a scary gumball.

– Hal has been writing columns for years. He is also the afternoon host on 680 CJOB. You can email him at [email protected]



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