Couple slammed note giving chef cooking instructions | Photo


A couple faced a set of instructions they printed out for a chef, with a restaurant worker sharing a snapshot online.

While it’s important to get what you asked for, a couple were accused of going overboard when they left a chef with step-by-step instructions on how to make their burgers.

The couple named Alan and Karen from the United States left six steps at the restaurant to follow, including having all the buns put in a container and all the meats in a separate container.

Basically they wanted all of the ingredients to be separate.

“Of course, fries in separate containers,” we read in point five. “Sauces or other items also separate,” the instructions concluded.

A staff member who worked at the undisclosed restaurant in the United States took a photo of it and uploaded it to a popular Facebook group called Don’t F With Your Server.

“Okay, so I don’t usually post, but I couldn’t resist that,” they captioned the post.

“Two guests came today with their own printed instructions on how they wanted their food to be prepared.

“Absof ***** with pleasure, Karen…” the staff member joked.

The post was bombarded with comments from people enraged at the requests.

“Stay at home! And cook it yourself! An annoyed person wrote.

“Solution: Wrap and wrap in aluminum foil. Goodbye, Karen, ”replied another, while a third said,“ Names say it all. “

A restaurant worker said his establishment would never accept such instructions.

“MDR !!!!! My restaurant would say no. We don’t waste to going to containers on stupidity,” they said.

However, some Facebook users have come to the couple’s defense with someone saying they could have traveled long distances.

“They’ll probably put the meat and fries in a thermal heat bag. I would accept the compliment that they chose your restaurant for their meal on the road, ”they continued.

Other catering employees shared similar experiences.

“I had this guy come to my job and I didn’t tell you he printed business cards with these ridiculous edits. To a salad, ”wrote one man.

“I had a guy who gave his server a note to give me on how to make his Bombay up martini. Every Friday for two years, ”said another.

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