COSMOS & HARMONY in the US market

CosmeticsDesign spoke with COSMOS & HARMONY about their efforts to transition into the US cosmetics market.

Tell me a bit about your brand.

Life is a journey and the COSMOS & HARMONY brand is about the journey of life.

Every place in the world is different. Each culture is unique in its own way. Under every culture there are stories of wisdom. There are stories of happiness that come with people’s smiles. There are stories of wisdom that come with people’s tears.

There are legendary stories full of dreams. There are stories of battles, sharing and discoveries. Many of them are exciting and full of many different colors. Each tale is a time stamp in the hearts of those who have seen, heard and touched by these unforgettable stories.

COSMOS & HARMONY sees these beautiful stories from every place in the world and wants to convey these beautiful stories to everyone through its products and services. COSMOS & HARMONY wants to see everyone happy living these beautiful stories through what we have to offer.

What does your brand have to offer the US market?

Our brand offers products and services inspired by different cultures from every part of the world.

As our brand represents different cultures from different parts of the world, we want to share what we have with the US market, which is also another part of the world.

How is the transition going? What were the challenges?

Our transition has not been easy. We faced several challenges. For example, our knowledge of the market is quite limited. We hope to learn more about the market as we move forward.

What is the next step for your brand in entering the US market?

Our next step is to Americanize our marketing and branding strategy by creating a unique personality for our business to build a relationship with our customer base and build a reputation in the wider marketplace. We will come up with branding to show people not just what we do, but how we do it.

Would you like to add anything else?

COSMOS & HARMONY originated in Thailand, so we started with natural personal care products from Thailand’s culture and history, such as Thai Rice Soap. We have a collection focused on famous elements of Thai culture, such as Songkran with the popular scent of “Nam Ob Thai”, Kick Boxing with refreshing soap to start a fresh day or after your workout to refresh yourself, and the Thai massage with a warming effect. to use to relax your muscles and tendons.

Finally, we have the Thai Kitchen soap collection, with Thai cooking ingredients, herbs and spices and we blend unique essential oil scents with no synthetic fragrances.

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