Cooking Tips: How To Regrow Vegetables From Leftover Food – Easy Guide


The majority of households around the world will be throwing away – hopefully in a food compost bin – their leftover fruits and vegetables. There are, however, some that can go as far as making a vegetable broth or a soup with the pieces. But, a new hack on TikTok shows people how they can use their leftovers to magically regrow a whole new plant. With a little love and a lot of patience, the scraps of discarded fruit and vegetables can turn. Here’s how to do it with five popular vegetables and salad ingredients.

Garlic sprouts

Have you ever seen your garlic cloves start to spread green stems?

Once a clove has reached this stage, it can be easily grown by placing it in a shot glass filled with water.

When the green sprout has completely emerged, it can be eaten like spring onions.

Or, if you’re patient, you can transfer the sprouted clove to soil and grow a new garlic bulb.

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Spring onions

Regrowing spring onions is one of the easiest and fastest vegetables.

Take the lower white end of the spring onion with the roots still attached and submerge it in a glass of lukewarm water.

Place them in a bright, warm place and within a few days they will start growing from above.

Change the water every three days and wIn a week, they’ll go back to whole spring onions you buy in a supermarket.

Take out and chop!

Note that using the same spring onion ends and roots to regrow a second time may not work, but give it a try and see!


Leeks grow back much like celery and spring onions, the only difference is the size.

Take a one to two inch piece of leek root and place it in a glass of lukewarm water.

Place it on a sunny windowsill and change the water frequently.

In the first week, the leek should sprout.

Wait until bigger then harvest.

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