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The spiciness of Indian cuisine is a question of richness and balance. And this balance is found in the basic Indian curry. The only dilemma when discussing Indian curry is that it is not just one dish. Curry, which was how our British colonizers identified it, is a range of preparations made with a variety of ingredients in different parts of India. However, there are a few ingredients and cooking techniques that tie all of these curries together into one bunch. Here are some simple tips and tricks to improve your game.

1) Heat the whole spices in the oil. While it is second nature for our mothers to put the whole spices in the hot oil before dropping anything else into the container, we newbies often overlook this. This step brings out the flavor of the spices.

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2) Use fresh condiments. Whether it’s chili peppers or garlic, use fresh ones for the curry. You don’t want your curry to be spoiled by withered peppers or garlic that has lost their flavor. 3) Add garam masala at the end. While we might forget to add salt, we’re all too excited to drop dollops of garam masala into our curry. Our advice: wait until the curry is almost cooked and then add the masala. You can prepare garam masala at home. Here is the recipe.

The spiciness of Indian cuisine is a question of richness and balance

3) Consistency is important. You can’t make broth in the name of the curry. Instead of using synthetic food thickeners, use tomato, almond or cashew paste and coconut milk for this purpose.

4) A pinch of sugar helps. Your curry is salty and spicy, but a pinch of sugar helps regulate acidity and gives balance.

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5) Lemon juice can balance salt. In case you have done too much salt, we can fix it to some extent. Squeeze the lemon juice to balance the taste.

7) Give it time. You can’t hurry with curry, not until you’re an expert like your great-grandmother. Cooking over medium or low heat at some point in preparation is vital for the ingredients to cook well.

Since you’ve bagged all the basic tips, here’s a pro tip on how to make a perfect thick chicken curry without a drop of oil. Check it out.

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