Column: Freshman’s Guide to Restaurants Around Franklin Street


Moving to a new place is difficult, and finding great places to eat is even more difficult. To help freshmen move to campus this fall, here’s a list of student favorite restaurants in town.

Sup Dogs

Sup Dogs is the perfect place to grab a meal before or after a game day, with innovative turns on the humble game day staple, the hot dog. Franklin Street also serves a variety of entrees, such as its delicious bacon and cheese fries.

The restaurant offers a wide range of hot dogs, all at an affordable price. Its Sup Dog Secret Sauce adds depth of flavor to creative combinations, such as the Hawaiian combo that unites Secret Sauce, Honey Mustard, and Pineapple to create a refreshing tropical flavor.

TRU Deli

From artisanal sandwiches and salads to the gorgeous outdoor patio, TRU allows guests to indulge their favorite flavors while soaking up the North Carolina weather.

Located one block from the edge of campus, TRU is accessible to students between classes when they’re looking for a quick bite that isn’t too expensive either. The perfect combination of deliciousness and peacefulness, TRU is a favorite among college students.

“The sandwiches and salads are amazing, and it’s always fun spending time with friends on their outdoor patio,” said junior Margaret LaMarche.

Sutton Pharmacy

With a prime location on Franklin Street, Sutton’s is nearly a century old. It opened in 1923 and the interior has remained largely the same. Photos of Tar Heel greats line the store’s wall – its owner, Don Pinney, says it’s the only place of its kind.

“Sutton is a whole different beast,” he told the Daily Tar Heel. “You could be sitting next to a homeless man and Dean Roper. People learn to mingle at Sutton. We want everyone to be part of the family.”

The old-fashioned restaurant serves food including burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, salads, and wraps, and no individual item at Sutton is over $ 8.

Vimala Curryblossom Coffee

What started as an underground culinary business outside Vimala Rajendran’s front porch has evolved into a mix of Indian and Southern cuisines that is Vimala’s Curryblossom Café.

“Vimala’s is great because being in West Franklin means you can stay close to campus, but the restaurant itself is tucked away from the main road and feels a bit more private,” Furlong said.

In addition to a unique blend of flavors, Rajendran engages in social justice efforts through his business.

Mediterranean charcuterie

Located on West Franklin, Med Deli, as the Chapel Hill community calls it, has more menu options than you could ever taste in your four years at UNC and the atmosphere of the restaurant makes the food ten times better than at their location in the Bas de Lenoir.

With a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options, it has been serving authentic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines with fresh and healthy ingredients since its inception in 1991.

Restaurant for a break

Time-Out serves signature dishes to stick to North Carolina’s iconic shores, featuring staples like fried chicken, barbecue pork, and buttermilk cookies. Time-Out is a great restaurant for students looking for home cooked meals.

Plus, the restaurant is open 24/7 and offers delivery, so it’s easy to satisfy midnight cravings. If you visit Time-Out, be sure to try the Chicken and Cheddar Biscuit, one of its most popular dishes. Adam Richman, a famous food critic, even ate the famous cookie on his show, Man v. Food, on Travel Channel.

Cosmic canteen

Open from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m., Cosmic serves classic Mexican food, including burritos, quesadillas, tacos, and chimichangas at inexpensive prices. Tucked away in an alleyway on Franklin Street, it can get packed late into the night Thursday through Saturday, but nothing beats Cosmic at 1 a.m.

Hibachi & Company

Located just steps from the quad, Hibachi & Company is an affordable, yet delicious, option to spice things up on your meal plan. Offering mostly hibachi and teriyaki entrees for under $ 10 apiece, this Franklin Street establishment is perfect for anyone on a student budget.

“You get a lot of food for a good price,” said junior Ellen Simons. “It doesn’t matter if you eat there or take it out, it will always taste good.”

Noah Robert Houser contributed reporting.

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