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Inspired by an empty table, Boy Scout James Eldred put his entrepreneurial skills to work on October 1 to sell seasonal fall decorations, earning around $3,600 and taking a key step towards earning Eagle Scout rank. .

“I learned that people are willing to help if a good cause is behind something,” Eldred said.

Eldred is a 14-year-old sophomore at Chippewa Valley High School in Clinton Township and a resident of Clinton Township. He is currently a member of Scout Troop 248.

“Most of the older scouts waited until they were 17 and rushed to get things done. I thought it would be good to do things early so I don’t stress when I turn 17,” Eldred said. .

To achieve Eagle Scout rank, a Scout must complete a project to benefit the community and demonstrate leadership, according to Eldred. He started thinking about what kind of project he would like to do in February.

“In the past I volunteered at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, I thought that was an organization I would like to join,” Eldred said.

The Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit offers a number of different initiatives, including a meal program, support and treatment for substance use disorders, On the Rise Bakery and Cafe, Earthworks Urban Farm, the Capuchin Services Center, the Rosa Parks Children and Youth Program, and the Spiritual Care Program. The Center de services capuchins offers a food pantry that looks like a small grocery store, a clothing distribution area and an appliance distribution area for families recovering from a fire or a stay in a shelter.

A visit to the service center established for Eldred what his Eagle Scout project should be.

“They had stuff like food and clothes and hygiene stuff labeled, for hygiene kits and supplies. There was nothing on that table and I thought it was important to get some hygiene items,” Eldred said.

Eldred decided that his Eagle Scout project should be the purchase of family-sized hygiene kits with regular-sized items inside each, to benefit the Capuchin Services Center.

“My project was a bit expensive, life-size hygiene stuff for families,” Eldred said.

Keeping in mind that the project required a lot of money to complete, Eldred looked for a proven fundraising method. He said he learned of the profit from a sale of seasonal fall decorations from a fellow Scout. He reached out to Cherokee Elementary School principal Heather Batko to book an October 1 seasonal fall decorating sale to benefit his Eagle Scout project. Eldred also launched a publicity campaign to raise awareness of the sale, putting up signs on the lawn and speaking to the Chippewa Valley Schools Board of Education on September 26. of his Eagle Scout project to the board of directors.

He was recognized by the council for his efforts when Superintendent Ron Roberts presented him with a We Make It Happen award and a Dairy Queen gift card.

“James is a role model for what we as educators say, or suggest to our students, that they do, and that is get involved in school. Not going in and out at the end of the day, but finding something that motivates you at school,” Roberts said at the reunion, referring to Eldred’s involvement not only in scouts, but also in groups and sports.

The fall seasonal home decor sale was held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on October 1 at Cherokee Elementary School in Clinton Township. Eldred said his family offered support and provided seed funding to buy the pumpkins, hay bales and corn stalks needed at the Boyka Farmers Market in Macomb Township. He sold small pumpkins for $10, large pumpkins for $12, very large pumpkins for $15, and bales of hay or corn stalks for $8. Eldred said he won a total of around $3,600. The funds will be used to create 150 hygiene project bags for the Capucins Service Center.

“Originally, before the fundraiser, I had planned to make 50 bags, but the fundraiser has gone so well that I’m going to make up to 150 bags,” Eldred said.

The remaining funds, between $500 and $600, will be donated to Capuchin causes, according to Eldred. Since the products were purchased and shipped through Amazon, he expected to be able to assemble them by October 8 and deliver them on October 9 or 10.

Eldred anticipated that he would have his Eagle Board of Review this winter and could achieve Eagle rank soon after.

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