Children carried inside a pot on the flooded Chhattisgarh river

Some 200 villages in Bastar are disconnected due to heavy rains


People living in villages deep in the jungle of Bastar district in Chhattisgarh are trying to get to safer areas amid heavy rains, but lack of proper access forces them to use dangerous methods to get themselves move.

In a video, villagers from Bastar are seen preparing to cross a large river, which is traversed by a strong current and whose water level has risen due to heavy rains, without a boat.

But they improvised, at least for the children, to cross the river, albeit in a way considered dangerous. In a video shot from across the river, the villagers are seen holding a large cauldron that will serve as a boat for the children.

The dangerous method involves a child being placed inside the utensil, after which an adult would tow it across the river, leading to a very high risk situation as the cauldron would be carried by strong river currents swollen.

Some 200 villages in Bastar are offline due to heavy rains, sources said. Traffic on National Road 30 in Konta, Chatti and Virapuram has come to a standstill, cutting off Chhattisgarh from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Much of the highway was submerged by rising waters in Godavari and Shabri. Some 20,000 people from 85 villages in Bijapur are among the worst affected.

The government has opened 18 relief camps in Bastar and 53 in Bijapur. Some 12,000 people from 51 villages in Bastar affected by rains and floods; 6,400 people in Jagdalpur are the most affected.

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