Buyback Credit Owner: How Does it Work?

The repurchase of credit owner appears today like one of the solutions most adapted to the persons having the full ownership of a real estate or for those being acceding to the property, this to give them the possibility to reduce the monthly payments, and for thus reduce the debt ratio.

While the number of files submitted for examination of receivability from the debt commissions of the Bank of France reaches peaks, while for the month of August, 13 940 files are filed with the commissions. Indeed, the accumulation of loans, unforeseen financial events leading to a large expenditure, difficulties in managing household income … can have serious consequences for the finances of families. A solution the repurchase of credit for owner !

Get a buyback of homeowner credit

Get a buyback of homeowner credit


Obtaining credit buy-back by a financial institution, however, requires a well-established file. As well as a good borrower profile, demonstrating the solvency of the applicant.

Among the various criteria that condition the agreement of a credit repurchase case , the most important will be the borrower profile which presents different characteristics of solvency, including the ownership of a building, as well as the monthly income, the rate of indebtedness, possible loan repayment difficulties, family composition, geographical area, the number of credits subscribed, the family situation, the rest to live, among many others.

Whatever the profiles, the repurchase of credit owner is granted only to owners of real estate, since the repurchase of loan owner is backed by a mortgage on the property (s) real estate (S). It is more specifically a mortgage purchase . The repurchase of credit owner makes it possible to lower the monthly payments.

Establish a good borrower profile

Establish a good borrower profile

The establishment of a good borrower file to obtain a repurchase of credit owner enters the usual missions of the brokers in repurchase of credit. They are able to identify the strengths and to “silence” the possible flaws of a fragile profile, in order to obtain a notice of eligibility for funding.

In addition, the loan buyback broker is able to study each client file individually, and can thus identify the financial institution most suited to the profile of the applicant. It is true that the rates offered for a buy-back can vary considerably from one institution to another, and the Intermediaries in Banking Operations and Payment Services (IOBSP) are best placed to identify the best buy-back offers for real estate loan and / or consumption.

While many will rely solely on a seemingly low rate, the more cautious will thus use the services of credit union brokers to avoid unpleasant surprises, and put all the chances on their side, in particular by entrusting the assembly of their files of Borrowing by an expert, and benefiting from a thorough study of different offers of buyback credit owner, before committing.


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