Business loans without checking BIK



When looking for a business loan without checking BIK, we can find offers from many companies that allegedly do not verify their clients in the Credit Information Bureau. Unfortunately, after applying for a business loan, usually a customer who has a bad credit history receives a negative answer. Why? Well, because a company that does not check BIK checks other debtors’ databases. A certain set of data is required to issue a credit decision to a company, otherwise it would lend to improper people too often. So if the lender does not check BIK, he usually checks other debtors’ databases. The most popular of them are BIG KRD and ERiF.

So if in the past or now the client had any problems with repayment of credits or utility bills, the business loan company will find out. It does not matter whether it checks the database of BIK or BIG, KRD, ERiF. So is it possible to get a business loan without checking BIK? Yes, but one should not suggest whether the company will verify the debtors’ databases or not. If the customer has negative records and indebtedness, he should choose a company that has high admissibility. Because it is the companies with the highest percentage of business loans granted that have the lowest requirements, and provide business loans and payday business loans to indebted persons and bad credit history. On our website you can also apply for a business loan or a business loan for people with bad BIK. You can submit a business loan application with a bad credit history on the main page by clicking the “submit application” button.


Loans without checking BIK

What is a Credit Information Bureau?

Credit Information Bureau, a popular BIK. In the past used only by banks to verify the borrower’s creditworthiness. For several years, it has also been used in non-bank companies. Companies that provide business loans also want to be able to more accurately verify the potential borrower. Thanks to the greater amount of data, they can, with a better probability, assume whether a given customer will pay off the business loan or will have problems with repayment. Of course, they have much lower requirements than the bank. By downloading a report from the Credit Information Bureau, the business loan company receives access to the entire borrower’s history. However, not many people know that in addition to the negative information in the report, we also get access to positive information. This means that the credit history report can even increase the chances of a business loan. Of course, provided that in the past we had many payday business loans and credits.

Not many people also know that we can check their BIK report ourselves. All you need to do is go to and then select the “download your BIK report”. You must register by submitting your real data and send photo proofs for verification. These detailed verifications are made so that no one can impersonate the customer data and retrieve information about him. Every consumer has the option to download a free report about themselves once every 12 months. If you would like to download information about yourself more often from the Credit Information Bureau, or receive SMS notifications each time someone checks your pesel in databases, you may be interested in a subscription in the database. These are not high costs, because in 12 months you will pay PLN 99 gross. For generating a single report (next after free) you should pay PLN 39 gross.

Are business loans without checking at BIK always the best option?

As you know, no credit adviser recommends paying the next business loan. There is nothing wrong with this if the latter is a free business loan and we will not incur any fees for it, but we will only extend the repayment period. Worse if the first and second business loan are paid payday. In this way, you can fall into the popular debt spiral in payday business loans. We pay back one more time, until the debt grows to above average sizes and the parabanks finally refuse us a business loan. Or the amount of debt is too high to be repaid by a non-bank business loan. What should you do in this situation? Unfortunately, there are no miracles and what you borrowed should be given back. Everyone who claims otherwise is probably a cheater and wants to get even more money from the indebted person. So if you have a debt of say 20,000, you can consolidate it, or spread it into installments that will make it easier for you to repay the business loan. The disadvantages of this solution are that we will incur additional costs associated with the next business loan. If you are interested in this possibility, we invite you to submit an application on our website. You will receive the decisions online in 15 minutes.

Option number two is asking the lender to spread the debt into installments. If we use business loans over the internet, the best solution will be to call the hotline and present your situation. It is very possible that the lender will offer such a possibility. If not, then it is paid off piece by piece. This has its advantages, because we will save a little on the cost of credit, but we will have to pay back the business loan more quickly, and this will probably have a negative impact on the home budget.


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