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Scouting Report: The Z Grills Pioneer 450B Pellet Grill is the perfect tool for novice smokers. It’s easy to set up and it’s the best thing to have for a family that loves smoked meat.

Do you know those guys who can spend seven or eight hours hanging out with their smokers? They lovingly tend the embers, add pieces of apple or hickory or maple or wood on a carefully planned schedule, and slowly smoke whole chickens, ribs, or slabs of brisket to perfection tender, juicy and of course smoky. It must be fun being these guys, but most of us don’t have half our waking hours to give, and if we did, well… I mean, don’t get me wrong. no, slowly smoked foods are amazing, but there are more things to do, right?

To be honest, while I love good smoked meat, I just don’t have time to deal with a smoker. Fortunately, the smoker I have does not need treatment. And no real experience in using it either. It is because the Z Grills Pioneer 450B Pellet Grill is a digitally controlled smokehouse that takes all the guesswork out of the process.

Z Grills 450 B pellet grill

The little story is, if you can plug in a power cord, dump wood pellets into a hopper, and turn a dial to the temperature you want, you can smoke great meats (and fish and veg, etc.) in this grill. pellet. Oh, and you’ll also need to know how to tell the time, but you’ve got that part already covered, I bet.

The longest story begins with time, as it happens. From the moment I sliced ​​the duct tape on top of the box in which my smoker 450 B arrived it took me a little less than 53 minutes to assemble the whole pellet grill (and yes I timed it) If you are the least bit of a handyman, assembling this smoker will not be the least bit difficult. If you’re insanely unfit for things like IKEA furniture, set aside two hours and you’ll be fine.

Once assembled, there is a bit of a process to calibrate it, which involves running the grill on a high heat and then moving to the smoke setting. After that you add the interior racks and the like and launch it on top again. Once that’s cool, you’re good to go. While this may sound tedious (I’m not going to lie, it sort of is), it’s worth keeping your newly smoked food from tasting like inside the factory you are in. the grill was made.

As to the actual use of Z Grills 450 B Smoker? Once you’ve picked the right pellets for your meat (and there’s an Alexandrian library to read, you can figure out what kind of wood pellets to use with what kind of food, if you want to take it a step further with, but what kind of wood pellets to use with what kind of food? is not our jam right now), just fill the hopper with pellets, press the power button and set the dial to the temperature you want (and again, you can go deep here – two hours at 275º for half a smoked chicken? Or three at 225º? 12 hours for a 16-pound breast at 275º or 10 to 300º?), and place your meat (s) in the smoking chamber.

And then… you wait. Seriously there it is, your job is done. Resist the urge to lift the lid, let the smoke do its job, and that’s really all there is to it, except maybe to fill the pellet hopper when the supply is running low, the auger of the grill conscientiously moving the pellets in the combustion chamber.

One pro tip I’ll share is to line the large, curved drip tray with foil (and even line the drip bucket) for easier cleanup, and one minor complaint I have is that being given The overall size of this smoker grill, the actual cooking area is not that big. You can put three racks of pork ribs, three or maybe four chickens, or a good slice of brisket (with a little space on the leftovers in the upper rack), but if you are smoking for a large group, more than six, I would say, you might need a heavier smoker.

That said, if you’re cooking for your family (like me) or for a small team and love smoked foods but really don’t want to dive into the slow smoking lifestyle (you don’t have the time anyway. ), this affordable and refreshing smoker is a great choice.

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