Best New Years Eve Champagne and Sparkling Wine Buying Guide Ring – Robb Report


On behalf of wine writers around the world, I apologize. We were wrong: we totally missed the New Years Eve call last year. With our annual dives in the best bubbles of the season, we offered the best reasons to celebrate the arrival of 2021. After a year clouded by the pandemic, this we were going to justify the promise of bottles popped at midnight, with expansive globetrotters, connections without borders …

Well, there we are – not exactly clear. The year has had a few moments: long-haul travel has crept in, foreign business meetings in person, destination weddings that have bypassed gloomy restrictions. But it is undeniable that the outlook is a little gloomy again by 2022. However, this is not the moment – nor the reason – to give up the good bubbles! What would Napoleon have said about the bottles of champagne he would have poured out to his men before the fight (which they would have slashed and drunk on horseback)? “In victory, you deserve champagne; in defeat you need it. Or wait, was it Winston Churchill?

Anyway, sparkling wine is requested on December 31, 2021. Great sparkling wine. And this year, the plethora of superb champagne bottles from around the world is in itself reason enough to party, even – or especially – at home. Virtual roaming over the past few months (Wholesale Zoom tasting) has allowed you to discover superb bottles of Champagne (of course), from the South East of England, Italy, Spain, California and Oregon. All the sparkling wines here are made according to the traditional and meticulous Champagne method, and with the exception of cava, with the traditional Champagne grape varieties — Pinot Noir and / or Chardonnay.

Put a few bottles on ice and toast to better times on the horizon. Happy New Year to you!


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