Best alternatives to plastic to try in 2022 to enjoy a plastic-free lifestyle

Maisie Bovingdon

Going plastic-free is more doable than you might think, as there are plenty of brands that champion sustainability – you just need to know the right places to look.

Research has proven that plastic can take 400 to 1,000 years to degrade, and even then some plastics have not been recycled. Plastic-free alternatives are therefore essential.

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According to the Plastic Free website, 112,000 pieces of plastic leave the supermarket every minute and eight million pieces of plastic end up in the ocean.

Plastic can also be harmful to our body, as certain chemicals present in the material can interact with our hormones and lead to health problems.

With that in mind, we’ve set out to find alternatives to plastic household products and beauty products to help you reduce your use of disposable plastic – and encourage you to go a little greener.

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Plastic Free Cleaning Starter Kit

Whether you’re navigating your way into the world of plastic-free cleaning products or looking for a complete replenishment of basics, the Smol Starter Kit is the answer.

This set contains detergent capsules and fabric softener, as well as dishwasher tablets, surface sprays and refills, so you’re ready for some spring cleaning.

Plastic Free Cleaning Starter Kit, £25, Smol


wild deodorant

Wild Deodorant has been popular among the influencer crowd on Instagram, and it’s no surprise why.

This personal care creation uses reusable aluminum for the housing, is plastic-free, and features a variety of scented or unscented compostable refills to leave you feeling fresh every day.

Wild deodorant, £25, Wild


Bamboo cotton swabs

Cotton swabs are commonplace in most beauty cabinets, whether for removing makeup, perfecting feline eyeliner or cleaning, but they’re not the most eco-friendly.

Unless you use the bamboo version, which is very affordable – and currently on sale at LookFantastic.

UpCircle Bamboo Cotton Swabs, £2.79 (was £3.99), Lookfantastic


Ecopress aluminum capsule recycler

Having a cup of coffee can be your daily ritual, but the capsules contain a lot of material, which can be recycled – if you know how to do it.

Dualit has created the Capsule Recycler, which disposes of the leftover coffee inside, so you can recycle the outside and even use the leftover coffee in your compost.

Ecopress Aluminum Capsule Recycler, £9.99, Dualit


Bamboo hairbrush

A paddle brush is said to be the ultimate hairbrush to own because it not only detangles knots, but helps brush out hairstyles, such as those Hollywood waves.

But the regular hairbrush contains a lot of plastic, which is why The Body Shop’s affordable bamboo hairbrush is the eco-friendly alternative to shopping around. Plus, it can be used on all hair types, which is always a bonus.

Bamboo hairbrush, £8, The Body Shop


Ecodenta Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrushes have been in the limelight for a few years now, and they are an eco-friendly, yet also compact, purchase to help the planet.

However, those with electric toothbrushes can also find plastic-free bamboo toothbrush heads, so there’s no excuse not to opt for plastic-free choices in your daily routine.

Ecodenta Bamboo Toothbrush, £1.99 (was £3.99), Holland & Barrett


beeswax wrap

Whether you’re making lunch or saving leftovers for later, beeswax wrap can preserve your food with ease.

Beeswax wrap can be reused over and over again, so you can say goodbye to aluminum foil, cling film or plastic containers.

Wrappy Beeswax Wrap, £4.50, Sainsburys


Reusable straws

Reusable straws are a favorite for many. While some may opt for paper or bamboo straws, steel alternatives are sturdier and don’t get soggy after a few sips.

This set also comes with a cleaning brush, so you can be sure they’re germ-free.

Reusable straws, £7.50, M&S


Plastic-free containers

It’s a yes from us. Store your leftovers in these eco-friendly and durable containers, which are airtight to prevent leaks, while keeping your food fresh longer.

For just £3 it’s really easy to go plastic free.

Lock & Lock Eco Rectangular Container, £3, Ocado


Food Huggers

Making eco-friendly choices should be at the forefront of our minds, and that includes not only opting for plastic-free accessories, but also trying to prevent food waste.

These food cuddlers are great for leftovers, inexpensive, and allow you to finish that meal or piece of fruit at a later date.

Food Huggers, £4.95 (was £9.95), Peace With the Wild


Zero Waste Shopping Bag

Although supermarkets now charge you for buying plastic bags when shopping for food, this doesn’t necessarily reduce plastic use, and we’ve all been guilty of forgetting to bring our bags.

However, this chic and eco-friendly mesh shopping bag will help you. It can carry your groceries, or double as an everyday handbag or beach bag, and when not in use it’s small enough to fold up and save for later.

Zero waste shopping bag, £6.11, Etsy


Biodegradable garbage bags

Biodegradable garbage bags are an alternative to plastic garbage bags and a simple exchange to do without plastic.

This design is 100% compostable and biodegradable but is also tear resistant. After all, there’s nothing worse than the contents of your trash can spilling onto your floor, doubling the mess.

Ecozone Compostable 10Ltr Caddy Liners, £3, Holland & Barrett


Vegetable scouring sponges

How often do you clean the sponges?

Replace harsh sponges with these plastic-free scrubbing sponges, which are made from wood pulp and sisal fibers and are just as effective and affordable.

Herbal Scrubbing Sponges, £4.79, Amazon


plastic free hair tie

There are a multitude of hair pom pom designs, but not only do they often contain plastic, they also frequently get lost, posing a hazard to anyone who finds them – human or animal – and taking over 500 years to find. break down.

These plastic-free hair ties are made from vegetable rubber and organic cotton, so they’re not only eco-friendly, but also functional.

Plastic free hair tie, £6.95, Wild and Stone


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