Bella, Rachel Ray’s dog, has her own apartment in the chef’s Italian villa

Given that Rachel Ray has her own line of pet food and treats, is it any wonder that as a famous pet parent, she wants to spoil her furry friends? I know we are not surprised.

However, when we learned that Ray’s pup, Bella, had her own apartment, we were a bit shocked. What are we even talking about?

Well, according to Mashed, it seems that Bella actually has her own apartment in the Italian villa that Rachel Ray owns. It’s true! The puppy has its own crib if you want.

Rachel Ray’s puppy, Bella, has her own apartment

And this is no ordinary apartment! In fact, in a video that makes Bella look like she’s giving her subscribers (well, technically, those are Rachel Ray’s subscribers) on instagram On a home visit, the cute pup shows off “a large, sprawling space with a beautiful open kitchen, living room, dining table, and more.” Perhaps the best part of the tour is when it says it’s “not to entertain people”, as well as “not to bring people here”. (Right now we had to stan the pup!)

But seriously, it’s a legit apartment and it offers plenty of space for Bella to run around and play. It takes the idea of ​​a glamorous niche to a whole new level. And honestly, it’s hard to deny that this might be the most epic canine space we’ve ever seen. After all, the kitchen is a kitchen that even the best chefs can enjoy (which makes sense, all things considered) and we always turn to the kitchen when it comes to gorgeous homes.

Of course, few people can afford to have an entire apartment for their pup. But we love that Rachel Ray is clearly there to spoil her pup and give Bella the best life possible.

What do you think about Rachel Ray having an apartment for her dog? Does this surprise you?

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