BBC Saturday Kitchen guest Iain Stirling leaves Matt Tebbutt in stitches

Saturday Kitchen is the perfect antidote to a busy week. It’s a show filled with fabulously scrumptious food, inspiration, and recipes that viewers are encouraged to recreate at home.

This week’s guests who joined host Matt Tebbutt were drinks writer Helen McGinn, chef patron of two Michelin-starred cookouts James Knappett, chef Andi Oliver and Scottish comedian and voice-over from Love Island Iain Stirling. Mateo Zielonka, aka The Pasta Man, also made an appearance, creating stunning pasta in different colors that looked almost too pretty to eat.

The show, which won Best Program at the annual Fortnum & Mason Food and Drink Awards on Friday night, kicked off with guests in high spirits. The show’s price scoop was mentioned five times by various guests throughout the show, prompting further loud celebratory laughter from the studio.

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Stirling had the studio in the dots with his quips and amusing stories. Speaking of a yoga incident where someone stole his shoes, Stirling said: ‘I was a thin fat guy so I went to yoga. I walked out of yoga class. I had these little pants that I thought were mandatory.

Stand-up comedian Iain Stirling had the Saturday Kitchen studio in stitches

“This guy was in the locker room and he had my shoes on. Then I said to the man, ‘Oh, those are my shoes.’ I doubted myself thinking, “There’s no way someone took my shoes. Then he said, ‘No, those are my shoes.’

“Then he left. So basically it’s my life, I try to do things to be a better human being and then it goes bad and I look angry most of the time.”

There was a range of delicious food cooked throughout the show which was matched by drink expert McGinn. James Knappett cooked spiced whole cauliflower with pilaf.

Matt Tebbutt cooked poached chicken with green harissa. Andi Oliver cooked sweet and sticky pork chops with root beer-braised onion cornbread.

Stirling saw his Food Hell of grilled prawns with beans and shellfish oil. Instead, he slipped into his food heaven herb-crusted halibut with leeks and whipped brie.

Stirling said, “Oh my God, that’s so good.” At the top of the show, viewers on Twitter raved about Saturday Kitchen’s skyrocketing happiness factor.

Caroline wrote, “We’re only 8 minutes into it and the laugh counter has already skyrocketed!”

Referencing Tebbutt’s repeated mentions of the show’s award, @maunsC tweeted, “Is this the award-winning Saturday Kitchen by any chance?”

Meanwhile, Linda Bailey paid tribute where it’s due, tweeting: “So happy Matt you and Saturday Kitchen won the award, well deserved.”

Andi Oliver fans loved her cooking style. @KurarRomini wrote: “You can feel the ease and brilliance of someone like @andisn16 who is so comfortable multitasking on TV!”

SciFi_Caroline wrote: “Nice dish Matt, I have to say he has been literally crying with laughter since 10am now watching the wonderful Keith Floyd get rained on. #saturdaykitchen therapy at its finest.

Viewers watching Keith Floyd’s segment sympathized with the irreverent chef’s style of cooking. Caesar Saleh wrote: “Keith Floyd manages to get that seasickness through the magic of TV, it’s amazing viewing. Looks like the cameraman is really struggling.

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