An Insider’s Guide to Home Improvement in Washington


Photograph by Hélène Norman. House designed by architect Jim Rill and interior designer Lauren Liess; built by Woodhaven Contractors.


Photograph courtesy of the Smithsonian.

Washington’s Most Powerful Women 2021

Our 2021 list of the region’s over 150 most influential women, shaping everything from the arts to the economy. By Jane Recker.

DC’s Vegan Food Wars

Photograph by Jeff Elkins

A new team of chefs and entrepreneurs have made Washington a hub for meatless cuisine. Now if only they all agreed on what vegan food should be. By Nancy Scola.

Meet Washington’s TikTok Stars

A guide to Beltway super-TikTokers and their super-DC shticks. By Daniella Byck.

How to navigate DC’s insane renovation boom

Photograph by Jamie Chung /

Dream home renovations to inspire you, plus tons of information from the pros on who to hire, what it will cost, where to save, and how to avoid a major headache. By Jennifer Barger and Marisa M. Kashino.


Photograph by @ Dudewithsign / Instagram.

Biden’s White House embraces internet quirks: Inside the White House’s partnership with influencers. By Anne Tate.

Honey, we bought the exorcist’s house! : How a couple unknowingly bought the house that inspired The Exorcist. By André Beaujon.

The lobby of the Trump Hotel is very, very quiet: A dispatch from the much quieter Trump hotel. By Jane Recker.

FIRST LOOK: Stunning images of life on Tangier Island and Smith Island: Jay Fleming’s new photo book offers an unprecedented look at these unique communities. By Jennifer Albarracin Moya.


Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Maintenance: Jonathan Rauch on Navigating the Tribalized World of Modern America. By Benjamin Wofford.

Culture: Service industry staff members weigh in on the vexations of this moment of mask and vax. By Daniella Byck and Jessica Sidman.

The Washingtonologist: Our Beltway know-how solves the puzzles of your capital. By Washington staff.


Wild things: Essential gear for your next camping adventure. By Amy Moeller.

Glass Acts: Vineyards offering private (but affordable) tastings. By Anne Tate.

Think outside: As Covid lingers, private schools are moving outside. By Sherri Dalphonse.


Sourdough bakery. Photograph by Brian Oh Photograph by Brian Oh.

Restaurant overview: Gorgeous backyards and other outdoor spaces created during lockdown. By Anna Spiegel.

Cosmo Energy: New restaurants, shops and other attractions in the city of Northern Virginia. By Anna Spiegel.


Photograph by @ The_Morning_Stroll / Instagram.

The briefing: Capitol Hill: New restaurants, shops and other attractions. Through Daniella Byck, Maya Pottiger, Damare Baker.

Off-market : Monthly luxury home sales. By Washington staff.


Photograph by Patrick McDermott for the Washington Nationals Baseball Club.

Sing the national anthem at a Nats game. As said to Maya Pottiger.

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