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Not many banks offer their customers instant credit cards, as they have a number of drawbacks. But at the same time they have several advantages. About all the pros and cons of such credit cards, as well as about credit institutions that produce such financial products, you can learn from this article.

The content of the article

  • 1 Pros and cons of instant credit cards
  • 2 Momentum from Sberbank
  • 3 Instant from the bank “Let’s go!”
  • 4 “Host Card” from Rosselkhozbank
  • 5 Credit from Energotransbank
  • 6 Youth from EATP Bank

Pros and cons of instant credit cards

Pros and cons of instant credit cards

Instant cards are those that are issued instantly when contacting a branch. That is, you do not need to wait 1-2 weeks for approval and production. All customer data is processed on the spot and, after leaving the bank office, you can immediately use borrowed funds. If you are ready to wait for the issue, but want to immediately find out the decision on your application, then you need credit cards with instant decision.

Among the advantages of instant issue cards are the following:

  • Fast registration (up to 1 hour) and getting at the disposal of banking plastic with available borrowed funds.
  • More loyal to customers with bad credit history.

But the disadvantages of such a issuance of a credit card are much larger:

  • The card is not personalized, that is, it is not tied to a specific person. This can cause difficulties when used in certain places.
  • The limit is significantly lower than that of other similar products of non-instantaneous issuance (especially for customers “from the street”).
  • Simplified conditions, that is, the absence of a cashback or bonus program.

Among the few number of instant issue cards, we can talk about the following.

Installment card Conscience
 Interest rate 0% per annum
Installment period: up to 12 months from partners and 3 months in any store
Credit limit: up to 300,000 rubles
More than 50 0000 partner stores
Free registration and annual maintenance
It is possible to withdraw cash
Free delivery of the card by courier. Check out on the official website of Tinkoff Platinum
 Credit limit: up to 300 000 ₽
Grace period: 55 days
Loan rate: from 12.0% per annum
Cashback from expenses: up to 30%
Installment up to 12 months from partners
The service “120 days without interest” is available to refinance loans from other banks. Make 100 days without interest on the official website
 Credit limit cards: up to 300 thousand.
Period without interest: 100 days
Loan rate: from 14.99% per annum
Cash withdrawal: free
Registration and delivery by courier: free Register on the official website

Momentum from Sberbank

Momentum from Sberbank




Service Free Grace Period Up to 50 days without interest calculation Interest rate From 23.9% per annum Limit Up to 600,000 ₽ “Thank you” bonus program – accrual points for purchases made


Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, has long been offering its customers a Momentum credit card with instant issue. But lately, it is offered only to existing clients of a financial institution. Prescription and depth of cooperation with the bank affects the established cash limit. In most cases, the card can be issued on a pre-approved offer.

The big advantage of the Momentum credit card is participation in the “Thank you” bonus program. Its essence lies in the accrual of bonuses for any purchases made. Accumulated points can be used to purchase goods and services in stores affiliate network of Sberbank.

Instant from the bank “Let’s go!”

Instant from the bank "Let




Maintenance Free No grace period Interest Rate 28% per annum Up to $ 29,999


The main distinguishing feature of the “Let’s go!” Instant card is free service. It is suitable as a backup, leaving that “on the shelf” the client does not have to pay for use. But in return for a loan, the maximum term of which is 18 months, there is no grace period. Also, the disadvantages include a relatively small credit limit.


To issue a card, a client must be permanently or temporarily registered in the region where the bank is present. Proof of income is required. Application for registration must be issued on the official website of the bank.

“Host Card” from Rosselkhozbank

"Host Card" from Rosselkhozbank

Host Card



Service From 99 to 1999 ₽ Grace period Up to 55 days Interest rate From 26.9% per annum Limit Up to 1,000,000 ₽ Cash Back Up to 10% when the option is connected


The Agricultural Bank has almost all credit cards with instant issuance. Among all the variety of plastic, the “Host Card” stands out (in our opinion). Its main difference from other similar products is the presence of a cashback. By default, the client returns 1% for any purchases, but not more than 5 000 ₽ per month. When additional option “CashBack” is activated, 5% in the categories “Theater and Cinema”, “Restaurants”, “Taxi”, “Cosmetics and Perfumery”, “Toys”, “Gas Station” and 10% in “On-line Games” are charged, “Books”, “Telecommunications”, “Music and Films”, “Pet Shop”, “Pharmacy”.

Issuing a card will cost $ 99. The monthly maintenance fee is 150 ₽, but the client can immediately get rid of it when making purchases during the reporting period in the amount of 10 000 ₽. To obtain a high credit limit will require confirmation of income.

Credit from Energotransbank

Credit from Energotransbank





Service Free Grace period Up to 50 days Interest rate 25.0% per annum Limit Up to 500,000 ₽


A credit instant card from Energotransbank differs only in free service and a fixed interest rate. The grace period applies to cash withdrawals, for which a fee is charged, even when using own funds. To obtain the limit, you will need proof of income using a certificate 2-NDFL or in the form of a bank. For the issuance of the required permanent registration in the region of presence of the bank.

Youth from EATP Bank

Youth from EATP Bank





Service 450 ₽ for the whole period of validity Grace period is absent Interest rate 26.0% per annum Limit Up to 29,999 ₽


EATP Bank offers an instant credit card for young people up to 30 years old. To do this, they do not need to confirm income, but will need to provide a passport, SNILS and military ID. Of the advantages, there is no commission for withdrawing cash without commission, which makes the card useful in case of emergency for getting money on hand. But, given the lack of a grace period, Alfa-Bank’s “100 days without interest” is better suited for this purpose.

Credit cards with instant issuance can be a very convenient tool in emergency situations. But they will never replace credit cards with a wide range of options, such as cashback for purchases and a long grace period.