A guide to perfect gin pairings – PLUS a to-go basket

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We all know that gin goes well with tonic, but have you ever wondered if gin goes well with food? Well, the short answer is, of course! The wine pairings are frankly over the top but what isn’t is a gin pairing.

Get on your way to becoming a gin pairing connoisseur and start pairing delicious dishes with the iconic juniper drink. Here are some ideas.

What to serve with gin: a guide to the best food flavors

Crispy fish and chips

How do you make an already iconic combo even more perfect? Add the gin. The gin offers a refreshing, crisp finish that counteracts the rich, oily taste of the fish and chips. Not only that, but seafood in general is delicious with gin. Try the smoked salmon, prawns and even the sushi. Their briny, delicate flavor is a heavenly pairing when paired with almost any gin creation you concoct.

Camembert stuffed with walnuts, drizzled with honey

Complete your cheese board with something out of the ordinary. Strongly flavored cheeses like camembert, stilton, and your favorite cheddar cheese pair well with the botanical notes of gin. Nuts like salted peanuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios, and macadamia nuts are recommended because of their fatty, salty taste which, again, pairs beautifully with gin. Put them together, drizzle with honey and what do you get? The favorite aperitif of gin lovers! It’s the perfect sweet, salty and creamy combo you need to try at the next dinner party.

Hot and spicy street food

Have you ever seen mixologists push the envelope and mix gin and tonic with hot spices? Rounding out the crisp, clean notes of gin with heat tends to cool and refresh the palette and enhance the overall taste experience. But it’s not just about the heat: the botanical notes of gin pair well with other spices found in curries and samoosa toppings. For a South African touch, try pap with Saba. Just make sure all the flavors complement each other, then add a sprinkle of gin to your fiery meat marinade for an extra level of complexity.

Fruity chocolate treatsIf you’re looking to extend your gin pairings to dessert, we’ve got you covered. The chocolate has a creamy and rich flavor profile that complements the herbal notes of the juniper in the gin. The herbaceous notes of the gin make the white chocolate shine, while the milk chocolate and dark chocolate paired with berries or citrus highlight its floral flavors. For a fruity twist, add slices of orange or peach to your dessert, or coat cherries and lychees in chocolate for a unique contrast to the bitter fizziness of your G&T.

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