7 tips to become a great grill this summer



It’s summer, which means it’s time to stand in front of a fiery grill while flipping burgers, toasting buns, and browning veggies. And then, of course, dig into this fire-grilled delight.

But not so fast, partner. Becoming a grill keeper requires serious know-how. Start by shopping at ALDI to improve your grilling game with affordable, high-quality foods that are fun to grill and eat in the warmer months. Then check out the expert tips below to learn the laws of resting your meat and pick up lesser-known skills, like when to wield a cast iron pan and set aside the spatula.

Know your grill

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For starters, different types of grills work in different ways. Charcoal, for example, tends to have uneven heat. So familiarize yourself with the hot spots of the grill and focus on them. “Use the edge of the grill to cook protein or finish off delicate dishes like salmon,” says Armen Ayvazyan, executive chef of Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s new steakhouse The Barish. “The lower temperatures help remove fat from the skin and make it crisp, while gently cooking the protein.”

A gas grill is super consistent and allows the user to control the heat. Want a darker, smoother and more even look on this rib eye? The gas will do it for you.

Preheat before barbecuing

Whether it’s impatience or inexperience, a common open-flame misstep is not to let your grill heat up long enough. Preheat it for 15-20 minutes before placing anything on that heated rack.

Practice the no-tank rule

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“One of the biggest health risks associated with grilling is exposing foods, especially meats, to direct high temperatures which lead to charring,” says dietitian Matthew Kadey. Kadey says he puts a cast iron pan on his grill as a barrier between the food and the flame. “It still gives a lot of the same great flavor but minus the dangerous char.” So remember: frying pan, don’t char it.

Keep the grill closed

It’s tempting to wonder what’s going on inside this grill and even open the lid to take a look. No. Think of your grill as an oven. The more you open it, the more heat you allow to flow, lowering the temperature and adding inconsistencies to the heat level. (If you are cooking on charcoal, opening the lid too hard will raise the temperature; if you are cooking on a gas grill, it will lower the temperature.) Keep it closed.

Place the spatula

Giving too much care to the edible objects of our grilling ailments is enticing, but keep your hands away from the spatula. Being too zealous in flipping your burgers, bratwurst, and steak will not allow the meat to cook evenly. Plus, letting them sit will allow the meat (or veg) to caramelize, which really adds extra flavor. And whatever you do, don’t press down with your spatula unless you want to release and, in fact, lose all that tasty juices in the meat.

Let your meat rest

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You have chosen a high quality steak from, say, ALDI. You marinated it. You’ve carefully put it on the grill and given it all the attention it needs to produce a juicy, tender, and powerfully satisfying piece of meat. But then you served him immediately. Insert a scratch disc from the sky above. All of your hard work has been in vain. Take the advice of world-famous steakhouse chefs: let a piece of meat rest for about 10 minutes between the grill and the serving plate.

Want to go a little further? “Rest the meat in butter,” says Isaac Toups, chef / owner of Toups Meeatery, a modern Cajun restaurant in New Orleans. “It gives the food an extra dose of fat and flavor.”

Premium: opt for the vegetal for the afternoon

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Are you looking for some herbal recipes for your next barbecue this summer? ALDI sells an exclusive line of Earth Grown products, vegan and vegetarian alternatives that even a carnivore can love. Try them out. The chipotle black bean burger will earn you some plant-based respect around the picnic table this summer.

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