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Here is a brief experience: Grab a few of your favorite cookbooks or food magazines and browse through the recipes. Go ahead; we will wait. What is the ingredient that appears in almost every recipe, from appetizers and main courses to desserts and even cocktails?

Yeah that would be salt.

When used correctly, salt can minimize bitterness, balance excess sweetness, and enhance the aromas and flavors of the ingredients it’s paired with, something chefs and mixologists have long known. (Tip: To enhance the flavor of your next homemade cocktail, use a small portion of saline solution.)

Stephen Bukoff inside Grana, The Langham’s new signature restaurant located in what was once the Great Hall of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

To help you discover the magical powers of salt as an ingredient, we turned to a professional: Stephen Bukoff, graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, veteran of the kitchens of Four Seasons hotels for 16 years and now executive chef of The Langham, Boston.

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In his current role, Bukoff oversees in-room dining and banqueting as well as the hotel’s new dining concepts: Grana, a recently opened Italian-leaning restaurant, and The Fed, a charming British-inspired cocktail pub. You might guess he knows a thing or two about cooking with salt.

Dried salmon

An ancestral technique, salting transforms fresh salmon into a tasty and aromatic side dish or main course.

Pretzel rolls

What’s better than a fresh pretzel? A fresh, homemade pretzel.

Pickles for burgers

You’ll never eat sad store-bought pickles again.

Porchetta spice mix

This easy-to-prepare savory mix brings aromatic, plant-based flavors to any dish, from basic meats to roasted vegetables.

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