10 purple kitchen ideas that will add style to your space


Purple kitchens were all the rage in the 90s, but in the interior design world they are experiencing a revival. When it comes to color psychology, purple represents royalty, greatness, wealth, and luxury, and can also signify wisdom and spirituality. So choosing this color for the kitchen is a good thing. This color is really a good all-rounder and comes in several shades to suit any style. From lilac, heather, plum, amethyst, iris and periwinkle, to plum, blackberry, eggplant and more.

Purple kitchen ideas can range from using it as an accent color in the form of accessories like a blender, toaster and tea towels for example, or a strip of a lavender colored backsplash. Alternatively, if it’s a color you adore, go for painted cabinetry and a different shade on the walls. We love colorful kitchen schemes in every way, and purple pairs amazingly well with many other colors as well.

Purple kitchen decor that adds personality

As much as highlights work, so do deep tones like black berries, raisins, and plums. You can mix and match the two for a modern look or use a single eye-pleasing shade. A purple kitchen color palette opens up a lot of design possibilities.

“Pale lilac in a kitchen provides a restful and stress-free cooking environment. Lilacs are slightly vibrant, so they don’t dominate a room and pair beautifully with natural elements like wood and houseplants, ”says Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux.

1. Create a focal point by painting your island and tiling your backsplash

purple kitchen with painted island, splashback in purple tiling, stone floor, wine cellar, kitchen blind

(Image credit: Martin Moore)

“While still hugely popular, we are seeing more and more people moving away from the blue kitchen trend of recent years. Purple has become a fashionable alternative for kitchens – like blue, it is rich, bold and full of character, and brings a warm feeling to the kitchen. It is an incredibly versatile color; there are so many shades to choose from, many of which go extremely well with other colors, ”says Richard Moore, Director of Design at Martin moore.

2. Or go for a dark eggplant shade

purple kitchen with kitchen island, open wooden shelves and wooden breakfast bar, bar stools, stone floor

(Image credit: Harvey Jones)

This amazing shade really founds this kitchen space and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The white walls and ceiling create a balance and prevent color from dominating the kitchen and the use of wood creates an extra dimension. We love the touch of pungent yellow that gives it a cool contemporary look.

3. Consider the marble with a touch of purple

white kitchen with marble splashback and kitchen island with purple veins

(Image credit: Cullifords)

When we think of adding any kind of color to our kitchens, we automatically think of cabinetry, right? But you could have a beautiful all-white kitchen scheme that you love while adding a hint of lavender or darker tones like amethyst by choosing marble with that vein of color. It is so eye-catching and stylish while giving a clean and fresh look.

4. Use purple as a neutral color

Lilac / purple and ivory kitchen with quartz countertop and bar stool

(Image credit: Olive & Barr)

Purple is so versatile as you can see here, this beautiful shade of mauve works both as an accent and as a neutral. The tone matches the stone of the kitchen island and walls perfectly, so the overall feel is calming and restful. Add a quartz countertop for a pattern and keep the rest of the scheme pale.

5. Combine a light tone and a medium tone

Two-tone purple kitchen with island and darker purple hood, pale lilac cabinets

(Image credit: Used Kitchen Swap)

Blend it together using two shades together that meet in the middle rather than being two complete opposites. The island and hood painted in a lovely warm color bring this large kitchen space together and anchor the central section. The paler hue of the cabinetry lifts the sides and keeps the kitchen from feeling overly spacious.

6. Experiment by starting small with your new color

kitchen with purple freestanding kitchen island

(Image credit: Pooky)

If you’re not sure how far you want to go with a new color, start small. This eggplant-colored freestanding kitchen island is enough to introduce shade without it overwhelming the kitchen if you don’t like it. Or, you will love it and want to use it elsewhere of course! Use accessories to convey the color, a small jug and a bowl on the worktops are enough to do it.

7. Sink your cupboards

kitchen with dark purple cabinets, powder pink wall, white countertop, open shelves, brass light fixtures, rustic table

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

These two shades from color expert Annie Sloan work so well together. Cabinets are painted in a premix of Aubusson blue and Emperor’s silk and on the east wall Antoinette chalk painting.

The tones are similar even though one is lighter and the other dark, which is why they work so well together. Keeping the rest of the scheme soft, use brass fixtures and add white to create balance.

Lilac and pink kitchen with navy blue wall, kitchen island, bar and bar stool, parquet floor

(Image credit: Dulux)

Introducing a darker shade will create a contemporary feel, but how do you make it work? Shillingford shared his best advice:

‘Try pairing lilac with a touch of soft earthy clay like Courageous ground and a brave inky blue slug like Cobalt night for a dramatic contrast. ‘

9. Choose a dark purple backsplash

pink kitchen cabinets with purple backsplash

(Image credit: Alusplash)

If you’re not looking for an overall ‘purple’ experience, consider using it for your backsplash instead. It can still be vibrant and eye-catching, while not being the focal point, unless you want to! Here we love that bold eggplant color against the pale pink lilac of the cabinetry, it gives this kitchen a bold and energetic finish.

10. Mix several shades together

dark purple walls, tiled splashback, purple cabinets

(Image credit: CTD tiles)

If purple is your dream color, go for it! It can work from head to toe if you balance it well. There has to be a good mix of light and dark for this to work, and if you can fit in a section of white – sink and countertop, it will give your eyes a break. What we love about this space is the deep plum on the walls and the contrast between that and the tiles and cabinetry in the kitchen.

Is purple a good color for a kitchen?

“Purple is not a traditional kitchen color, which is why I encourage you to give it a try. Purple is an unconventional hue for a kitchen, but it evokes feelings of dreaminess and sophistication and always makes a subtle fashion statement. When combined with the right surfaces and accessories, purple can dramatically personalize and draw attention to a kitchen, ”advises Stacy Lewis, interior designer at Eternity Modern.

Can lavender work in a kitchen?

Lavender is calming and has a clean look that suits the room. And it’s also a good color to mix with purple. Many homeowners prefer to use lavender in the kitchen, as it is also a pastel color used for a lounging space. But it must be the right lavender. Too bright, and it can be overwhelming, but softer lavender can be really pretty in a kitchen, ”says David Mason, owner of The Knobx company

What other colors work well with shades of purple?

“If you’re looking for a color to pair with a purple kitchen, it’s best to use a neutral color,” Mason adds.

“There are several shades of gray that go well with the brighter shade of lavender, or you can use a creamy white to keep the look soft and inviting. These colors also give off a calming effect and can help create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen. ‘


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